We are a leading manufacturer of Custom Built Low Voltage Switch-gears, Panels in India. Performing with a commitment to excellence since 1990, the company has established itself as a benchmark of quality and perfection.


Our manufacturing facilities at Indore and Bhopal are equipped with state-of-the-art modern machinery. With the best of talent, a profound knowledge base and a CAD centre with empowered with latest software and tools, we have been able to position ourselves as a preferred solution provider by our customers.


Our strength lies in our expertise and experience in providing solutions for a wide spectrum of customer needs and our commitment to deliver excellence in customer service. Enterprise wide commitment to excellence has led to us growing at an outstanding rate of 80% to 100 % Since 2006.


UNIVERSAL TRANSFORMER earnestly & continuously strives to achieve excellence not only in its operations but also in the arena of Corporate Citizenship. we have deep respect for social values and human ethos. The company is committed to improve the quality of life of its employees and provide them a safe and healthy work environment.


Mr. Manish Matta
Mobile No. +91 9425319898
( Manager Automation & Drive)
Mr. Manish Gupta
Mobile No. +91 9425319909
(Manager Marketing)
Mr. Sanjay Jain
Mobile No.+91 9425319908
Mr. Sanjay Jain
Mobile No.+91 9425319908